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zhao January 4, 2004 00:20

can Gentra do that?
Hi, all!

Happy new year to you all.

Now I am learning to use the stochasitc model of GENTRA. So first, I tried to simulate a benchmark case conducted by Snyder and Lumley (1971). this experiment consider the single particle dispersion in isotropic turbulence.

The reason I choose this case is that: the GENTRA used a random walk model proposed by Gosman and Ioannides (1981), in this paper, the simulated results agree well with the experimental data in Snyder's paper. However, I can not get a good agreement using GENTRA. Although the turbulent field is correctly simulated with a rng k-e model, the particle dispersion is underpredicted a lot.

so if anyone who have simulated this case and get a good results using GENTRA, can you post the inlet PIL here, or email to me. thanks a lot.

My treatment on the case: 1) reduplicate the geometry of the experiment including the grids plane and release particles at 20M.

2) treat the flow field a "frozen" one, assuming a one way coulping.

3) set the number flow rate of each parcel to 1 bead per second. totally 1000 parcel are tracked.

4) read the ghis file and do some counting, and find the lateral dispersion is not correctly simulated.

5) I used the corn (diameter: 87 microns, density 1000)

I have the q1 file, if interest, I can email it to you.

Thank you.

xz January 7, 2004 09:55

Re: can Gentra do that?
Let me do your case, so please send your Q1 file to me

zhao January 7, 2004 17:48

Re: can Gentra do that?
Thanks a lot for your kind help. -zhao

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