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Volker January 9, 2004 09:14

Storage of Residuals

with Phoenics 3.4 I would like to store the residuals of KE and EP whole field in order to view them later just like any other variable. The encyclopaedia entry "Residuals; printing and plotting of field values" gives advice on this but I possibly misunderstand the explanations there. I'm not sure what the patch name xxx% or xxxR means and how this must be applied to ke and ep. Any straightforward application like STORE(EPR,KER) or SOLVE(KE%,EP%) does not work at all.

Maybe someone has an idea how the residuals of ke and ep can be stored.

best regards


another January 14, 2004 08:11

Re: Storage of Residuals
The 4th characters should % and R, not the 3rd character, i.e. STORE(EP_R) and SOLVE(EP_%).

The residuals can also be stored and printed by using the INFORM facility, as explained at:

However, this INFORM residual feature may only be available in PHOENICS V3.5 and later.

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