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nick horne February 2, 2004 13:01

co-ordinates for an imported object
Hi i am currently running a project on lift and drag characteristics of a wing section in ground effect. I am having a problem as I have imported a model of the wing and run the program, however i need to get a pressure distribution on the wing surfaces, how do i find the co-ordinates for the surface of my model? and is there any other way of corrolating large numbers of point values without having to use the manual probe?

Leon Mills February 8, 2004 20:54

Re: co-ordinates for an imported object
I belive that there is a product on the cHAm website called FR - Phoevics Reader - this may help.

Look for a link on this page by a poster by the name of Eugene.

Also, if you know the cells where the wing is from the Q1 file, you can look at the coresponding cells in the PHI file, and the cells around it for the information you need. There are example of how both files are formed in POLIS and on the CHAM website.

Once you know where you are looking for you can write a simple computer problem to look for a particular point / series of points and return the pressure/velocity ... for you. This can then be graphed or what ever you need to do to display your information.

Hope this hlps,


nick February 9, 2004 09:26

Re: co-ordinates for an imported object
thanks for that Leon i will check it out thanks for the help.

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