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Jack bauer May 24, 2004 11:28

Problem in WinXP wtih V 3.4 & 3.5
Hi all,

I stop using phoenics for a while trying fluent to solve my cases, in that time I made a lot of modification to my computer (windows updates, new software, etc), the problem is that I cannot read the geometry files (*.dat) for any object, my VR GUI appears empty (it had at list 10 objects). Tying to add more objects doesn't work the geometry button appears empty, even if I select differents geometry files (*.dat).

I have so many things configured and I don't want to reinstall all formating my hard disk: any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!!

All the best


leon mills May 25, 2004 01:07

Re: Problem in WinXP wtih V 3.4 & 3.5
I would suggest backing up your existing pheonics files and then doing a clean install of phoenics only.

I had a similar problem and doing this helped me, but I am running a win2000 system so things may work slightly differnt on XP.



Jack bauer May 25, 2004 17:24

Re: Problem in WinXP wtih V 3.4 & 3.5
Thanks Leon, your suggestion was my first action but it doesn't work, I think that finally I'll format my HD or use the phoenics reader for a while to check my old files. Maybe is a sign to continue with Fluent.

All the best

leon mills May 25, 2004 18:47

Re: Problem in WinXP wtih V 3.4 & 3.5

Have you tries emailing this directly to CHAM. Maybe there is a know problem with XP & one of the many updates.

I know that this has happened to me at home with xp + firewall + anitvirus + a drafting package. A xp update causes a conflict with the firewall -> conflict with antivirus -> killed the drafting package.

I emailled all three about the problem and one of them emailed me the patch to get it fixed. I have found CHAM to be most helpful with these sorts of problems in the past.


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