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green May 27, 2004 09:22

why my In-Form doesn't work?
I have found In-Form is powerful when I read help file, so I tried it. But it doesn't work. It told me a file named wish.bat can't work. I found the file and there was only one line in it: c:\tcl\bin\wish83.exe %1. But there is no tcl file in my computer. When I install phoenics3.5, I haven't found it. What's wrong with my phoenics3.5. Can you try your In-Form? Does it work? Thanks.

A User May 27, 2004 12:57

Re: why my In-Form doesn't work?
If the folder c:\tcl\... does not exist on your PC, then you need to install tcl by running the executable active.exe, which can be found on the original Installation CD. When installing PHOENICS V3.5, it should have asked you whether or not you wanted to install tcl on your PC. PHOENICS V3.5.1 will just install tcl on your PC.

Whether or not tcl is installed on your PC, the folder c:\tcl\bin should be on the "path" when running PHOENICS.

green May 27, 2004 22:03

Re: why my In-Form doesn't work?
I copyed phoenics from CD to HD, and installed it from HD. There is no notice during the installation. So I didn't find the C:\tcl. Now I installed it from the active.exe. Thank you very much.

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