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Sara May 30, 2004 11:05

stoke components
Hello everybody,


what is the significance of the stoke component, in flows?

- is this just the synonym for secondary flows like vortices in a dead angle,

or does this terminology refer to viscosity effects on results,

or other?

Thank you

STK July 4, 2004 18:39

Re: stoke components
stokes number is very significant for multiphase models. Its' value characterizes the behaviour of the dispersed flow. Particularly for low values particles will follow the flow closely and for high values greater tyhan 1.0 the particles move independently. search for bibliography, the above are very summarized.

Sara July 16, 2004 14:24

Re: stoke components
thanks STK, don't know if this relates to 'Stokes component' term/definition, but anyway thanks for the response.

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