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ramesh September 4, 2004 01:29

help !! casting probelm
Dear friends , if you have solved simple casting problem then please send me the q1 and ground file . i am solving this problem but i am facing problem in setting of thermal properties in ground.i solved the fin cooling problem without using ground and i want to solve this problem through ground and Mr. Mick Hughes has sent some information but that is not sufficient but thanks a million for his help.

wxh September 4, 2004 09:34

Re: help !! casting probelm
ramesh,nice to meet you,you have meet casting problem, do you say the metallurgical problem, if true, we are facing the same problems.

Garry September 6, 2004 00:42

Re: help !! casting probelm
ramesh,I am facing the same problem too,I am working on metallurgical problems of continuous casting concentrating on temperature field,velocity field,pressure as well as solid fraction of solidification.My Phoenics version is 3.5.1,but I fail to run the library cases:Y302 and Y303,I need ground files too. Garry regards

wxh September 6, 2004 04:54

Re: help !! casting probelm
Garry,can you tell me which university do you study in,and your QQ number?we are studing the same subject,my qq number is 31474170,I hope communication between us for further progress!

Carlos September 8, 2004 21:14

Re: help !! casting probelm
Hello Ramesh,

What is your problem? I have worked in this area recently. Are you having problems setting thermal properties? What are you doing? I have successfully set these kind of properties using both ground and in-form. Send me your q1 and/or ground (it is not necessary to send it all, just the code inserted at group 9 - properties).


wxh September 9, 2004 00:38

Re: help !! casting probelm
Hello Carlos,you have done a good job,because you can successfully set the thermal properties.I try to modify the Q1 files (Y302),and set the thermal conditions as constant in order to make it run correctly,but it's hard for me. Last month I installed FORTRAN 6.5 in my computer to make some ground cases run,unfortunately,one error in th Q1 file broke my dream, where and why,I don't konow. Carlos,could you please change the Q1 file just to make it run correctly?

Mick Hughes September 9, 2004 09:32

Re: help !! casting probelm
Hi WXh,

If you are running an old (shareware) type version of PHOENICS, you will not have inform, however if you do have this facility it should make changing the thermal properties quite easy.

But you asked for ground coding for the Thermal properties.

If I did not say before, try something like below :

Q1 (Specifc Heat):


Ground: Grp 9 Sct 14



L0TEM=L0F(ITEM1) C your formula


DO 9041 I=1,NXNY C your formula



Q1 (Thermal conductivity)

** Set the thermal conductivity PRNDTL(TEM1)=-GRND

Ground : (Grp 9 sct 7)






DO 971 I=1,NXNY

IF(F(L0TEM+I).LT.1701.) THEN C your formula


ELSE C else constant






Carlos September 13, 2004 20:50

Re: help !! casting probelm
Wxh, In case you keep having problem after Mick advise, please send your q1 to my e-mail and I will do my best. Regards,

Andrea August 9, 2005 11:01

Re: help !! casting probelm
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ciunel stefanita March 11, 2006 18:17

Re: help !! casting probelm
I have a question too: if casting are the same , or simmilary with powder metals sintering. Please, help me!

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