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ramesh September 28, 2004 05:18

casting problem
Dear friends, during solidification of molten metal , some latent heat is evolved and please tell me how can we incorporate the latent heat term during the pahase change of solidification process.please help me. with regards Ramesh

Carlos September 29, 2004 17:54

Re: casting problem

Do you know the paper from Prakash that developed and used a model for metal solidification? Even better, he did it using PHOENICS...

ramesh September 30, 2004 00:02

Re: casting problem
Dear Carlos, can you send me the paper which contains the solidification problem , or can you give me the journal name and year of publication? as you know it will help me grately . regards ramesh

Carlos October 13, 2004 20:35

Re: casting problem
Voller and Prakash did a work using PHOENICS. It has been published in PHOENICS JOURNAL (code included). You may order it via CHAM site ( Ask for a paper written by these two. There will be no mistake.

However you may also have some interest in their paper in

Good luck!

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