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Frederic Dubinski November 15, 2004 11:24

I'm currently doing a bit of research on CFD and its industrial application. I would like to write a paper about the new opportunities for CFD within the industry. If anyone has ideas about new industries that could be interested by the recent developement of CFD, please have a bit of a chat with me or drop me a mail

Thanks Fred

leon mills November 17, 2004 22:44

Re: Research

Have a read of the various CFD software applications websites. Focus your attention on the upgrade information, as what thay did to upgrade from v3.4 to v3.5 to v3.5.1 and what is planned for the next upgrade.

This information should help guide you as what industry wants the CFD code to be able to do.

If it is more advanced thermodynamics is being added then areas where heat loss/gain will become an emerging market...

Also look for things like numeric stability and accuracy. Then think about application where an error of 1% is not acceptable - areo sapce...

I would also suggest to look at areas of high captial cost and or a high cost to the company if something failed to work as specified, maybe keeping computer cool.

Hope this helps guide in the right direction.


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