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Andrea Vignaroli December 21, 2004 05:44

transient wind flow
I have to simulate wind flow over a hill... with steady condions is everything ok! Now i want to try to refine my research simulating the wind with transient conditions ( i try to findout little eddies downstream...). It's a good way? I modified q1 file with

Group 2. Transience STEADY = F GRDPWR(T,10,50.0,2.0)

any better parameters?

Sorry for my english :p

Volker January 4, 2005 03:58

Re: transient wind flow

basically, if your simulation converges with STEADY=T (i.e. fully implicit), the time-dependent simulation should converge to the same solution after some time, provided that the time step is sufficiently small. Convergence behaviour can however be very different in both cases. For neutral flow over a moderate hill there is not much to expect from a time dependent simulation. In the stable case, one might however capture mountain lee waves. Sometimes it is reported that recirculation zones in the lee of a hill can exhibit time-dependent behaviour but this shows to be highly dependent on the grid and on the order of the convection scheme used.



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