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Floydian January 11, 2005 09:54

About Inlets & Outlets
Is it possible define a inclined plane as an inlet or outlet? If yes, how?

leon mills January 13, 2005 22:06

Re: About Inlets & Outlets

It is possible to do.

Using the VR Editor, insert the inlet / outlet as normal, then rotate the object to the desired angle.

Don't forget to adjust the x/y/z comments of the the fluid entering/leaving the domain.

I have also found that increasing the number of cells in the region near the inlet / outlet improves the results dramatically.

Hope this helps,


Floydian January 14, 2005 20:58

Re: About Inlets & Outlets
Of a matter of fact this answer occured and to me a few days after I posted the message...and by moving the inlet I can put it on the desired position (in fact my original quest was how can I define as an inlet, an already inclined plane- a side of an oblect).

Thanks a lot!

123 January 22, 2005 04:48

Re: About Inlets & Outlets
Why A USER from CHAM do not answer?

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