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Tejus Gautham Kumar March 3, 2005 19:46

information required on k-e model
Hi everyone My question is What are the factors that are important in modelling k-e model for flow over rotating disk? can anyone also give me some useful information about the papers relating to flow over rotating substance used in automobiles. Thanking you Tejus

Kevin McManus March 10, 2005 19:25

Re: information required on k-e model
1/ PHOENICS has quite a few turb models, but not all are valid if using parsol as they were written before and haven't yet been redeveloped.

2/ What have other people used in the literature?

3/ Do what they have. I think that if you use KE models then the YPLS value should be > 11.63 so that the near wall cell is in a turbulent region, otherwise the cell will be in the laminar sublayer and the log-law wall function will not be valid.

Sorry this isn't much!

mindy March 10, 2005 22:07

Re: information required on k-e model
Perhaps there is a relevant paper in the PHOENICS journal, I don't know how to find out though.

Google can often be of help...

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