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Frankly March 17, 2005 04:54

how to correct the error.
I am green to use the PHOENICS. These days there is always a warning after i launch the code which shows that" Incorrect geometry file name(s)

Please view text box for details.

Correct and re-load original Q1 to avoid data corruption" The the code fail to continue correctly, and the object can't be put in the VR Editor.

i am bothered by the problem for a long time. Although i install the code again, the error still exist. Who can help me. I am very appreciated.

Mark Russell March 17, 2005 10:58

Re: how to correct the error.
Assuming I have understood the error message correctly.

i.e. I think you have an object you are studying flow in or around tha tye code cannot find

Assuming you are running PHOENISC from the d_priv1 directory i.e. you haven't specified a run directory for PHOENICS - move the model file (????.dat) to this d_Priv1 folder.

That may help.

Let me know.

Frankly March 17, 2005 20:54

Re: how to correct the error.
Even if i running the cases which PHOENICS provide in the library, there is still the warning message as soon as i run PHOENICS. At first, i think that i could not install PHOENICS correctly and install the code again, but the error still exist. How i can do to correct the error? thanks!

Frankly March 17, 2005 21:15

Re: how to correct the error.

if i continue to run the code in spite of the warning message, there are some tipes in the SATELLITE Command Prompt such as "Cannot find geometry file CUBE11 for object STEPIN " and so on.

i think maybe something missing in the files but what it is and how to correct it ;

Mark Russell March 18, 2005 04:04

Re: how to correct the error.
I don't think this is the problem since you have it (sort of) running but ... is PHOENICS installed in the root directory?

Frankly March 18, 2005 05:26

Re: how to correct the error.
yes, it is installed in the root directory. while some cases in the library can be run, while a lot of the cases which can't be run. The message in the SATELLITE Command Prompt shows that cann't find geometry file CUBE* for object OUTLET. I doubt whether there is something wrong in the directory of D_VRGEOM\SHAPES.

Kenneth Kline April 5, 2005 10:29

Re: how to correct the error.
We are having the same problem after installing the product. We took all defaults, "install under root of c: as and Administrator on Windows XP Professional with not File / Registry restrictions that would prevent the program from installing properly.

Is there an install log that we can review Additionally we are on a temporary unlocking code currently. Furthermore; We have not used the software yet, as nobody here really has any experience with it.

Vasco Romijn September 21, 2005 09:22

Re: how to correct the error.
Do you have Intel or AMD in your machine? I've got this problem only on machines with AMD and not on Intel processors in combination with Windows XP.

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