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Mehdi BEN HAJ March 21, 2005 13:44

Coriolis via In-form ?
Can some one tell me how to introduce coriolis source via In-form ?

Best regards

Tim March 22, 2005 04:51

Re: Coriolis via In-form ?
It somewhat depends on whether you want the "meteorological" coriolis force or the "technical" coriolis force. The former is defined through the difference to the geostrophic wind whereas the latter is not. Only the latter can be defined, as far as I know, by use of the PIL command. For the definition of the "meteorological" coriolis force in inform you will first have to use a flow solver module that uses cartesian velocity components unless your grid is uniform. This is because the "meteorological" coriolis force acts predominantly on the horizontal velocities.



PattiMichelle April 3, 2005 13:39

Re: Coriolis via In-form ?
Hi Tim: That sounds interesting! I use version 3.4 and 3.6, both via the VR-Editor. I'm wondering where one introduces the "flow solver module" (as you say) in the VR-Editor? PHOENICS doesn't have spherical coordinates, only cylindrical - how would you model the meterological coriolis force or am I thinking too much as a physicist here (thinking you need to model the entire globe)?

mick April 14, 2005 23:00

Re: Coriolis via In-form ?
Depending on what you are doing you may not have to calculate these forces as PHOENICS contains in-built rotational forces. These can be activated through the ROTA patches. See POLIS ROTA.

Patti Sheaffer August 22, 2005 14:12

Re: Coriolis via In-form ?
I noticed in the 3.6 Menu/Sources page there's an entry place for "rotating speed for rotating coordinate systems" - but I don't see activation for the rotating coordinate systems, nor activation for "swirling flows."

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