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Daniel Fisher April 4, 2005 10:59

Drag and Lift
I'm a final year student at the university of Hertfordshire, for my major project I am looking to improve the aerodynamics of a sports 2000 race car to increase downforce and reduce lift. I'm using Phoenics 3.5 and have found some reasonable results, but don't I don't really want to calculate the lift and drag using long intergrals. So does anyone know of, or have a package that my PHI files can be imported to, to calculate lift and drag? I am of the understanding that Phoenics 3.6 can do this, but am having problems getting a copy from the university. Does phoenics reader have the capabilities to do this? Failing all of this, does anyone know the full calculations for this?



Kevin Chow April 7, 2005 05:38

Re: Drag and Lift
Phoenics Reader doesn't have the capability to do this directly - you'd need to dump and pull off values of pressure and do a large excel spreadsheet that looks at the force and area per cell and figure out the force that way. If your simulation is 2D, it shouldn't be too bad; if it's 3D... well, yeah.

Email me or come talk to me, I'm in E108 in the STRI.

Adrea April 8, 2005 03:51

Re: Drag and Lift

If you can manage to export your data in Plot3D format, I would recommend to have a look at the VTK toolkit or one of its GUI-Shells, e.g. Paraview. This software is very capable and all free. For exporting Plot3D you may have to contact CHAM for a conversion program.

Also, OpenDX, a free visualization software package, could be used for such integration. Some time ago I managed to read my Phoenics results into openDX by using the PEN/NEP tool which comes with Phoenics and the general array importer of openDX. One may also use the Tecplot exporter.



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