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jack July 27, 2005 05:55

body temperature
Hello people,

Im trying to model room flows with the inclusion of people in the room. When I specify the heat flux emmited by the person i do not get a correct value for the surface temperature i.e. 35C (the person is made from solid air). Do I have to specify the temperature of the person in order to get a correct result? In a flair library (heating of lecture room)case a flux of 180W is specified per person and a surface temperature of 35C per person is resulted (people made from polystyrene). How to get this?

Thanking you for help

mick August 2, 2005 07:34

Re: body temperature
You can not guarantee a resultant temperature by Putting a heat flux onto a volume of air, convection spreads the energy through the system.

On the other hand if you put the heat source on a solid which is immersed in air, it is much more likely to heat up significantly as energy transfer is easier (initially) within the solid then from solid to air.

Additionally the thermal properties will make a lot of difference. It does not surprise me that a "solid lump of air" immersed in normal air does not heat up as you might expect it, perhaps heat is being spread significantly away from conduction.

This is whay I suspect the people in the Lib case are made of polystyrene, conductivity of 0.15 to airs 0.026 to my intuition implies that it will heat up significantly more than the surrounding air until or unless cooled right down by convection.

Why dont you try making them out of polystyrene.

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