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Sileno August 1, 2005 10:43

Flow rates in FLAIR
I've been trying using an INFORM formula to calculate the flow rate through a determined area or surface in FLAIR package. I would like to know how to activate the flow rate data produced by INFORM formula. Also, I would like to view such information (flow rate) at the monitor display during solution iterations and to print this information to a HD file.

Thanks in advance


mick August 2, 2005 09:41

Re: Flow rates in FLAIR
Hi Sileno,

I have just been experimenting and have come up with a simple formula. Put this in group 13 of the Q1 and make the patch POUT represent the area you are interested in. Change the velocity W1 to the one which is normal to your surface and the area to the relevant one.


"should be 3rd colum or later " (make wvel1 is 0.)

" make makes storage and initialise" (make ahgh is 0.)


define area patch for mass flux calculation (store1 wvel1 at POUT is W1)

(store1 AHGH at POUT is AHIGH)

(stored of MFLX at pout is w1*1.189*ahgh)

- mflx will be printed in result file (stored of MSUM at POUT is SUM(MFLX))

- msum contains sum of mflx (print mass_flux at POUT is MSUM)

- This prints the sum of mflx to the file INFORMOUT


The above should give mass flus through the patch POUT. The mass flux per cell and total mass flux will be given in the result file through the variables MFLX and MSUM respectively. The total mass_flux is also printed to the file INFORMOUT in your working directory.

If you wish to view the variable MSUM through the solution screen you should goto the VR editor and 1/ Store this variable 2/ GOTO OUTPUT in the VREDITOR and switch on residual and spot value printout for it through the panel FIELD PRINTOUT.

mick August 2, 2005 10:43

Re: Flow rates in FLAIR
Some of the lines in my above answer are missing a carriage return, so they dont appear as I intended sorry. This should be easy enough to identify, just remember that all the inform statements start with a left hand bracket and should be on their own line.

Obviously remove my comments - when taking the code.

The inform statemnts need to be wrapped with the comments inform13begin and inform13end which live in the third column.


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