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Sileno August 23, 2005 19:32

Problems with CAD geometries
I'm having problems in viewing CAD geometries previously imported from STL files in all my simulations run using such files in PHOENICS 3.6. The geometries are not being shown by the program and in their places I can see strange forms, without any connection with the original ones. It is happening in both VR Editor and Viewer where I can't see any simulation vector, only strange forms too. Besides that, the program seems to be very slow.

Is there anybody who has any idea of what can be happening to the program?

Thanks in advance.


Sileno August 23, 2005 20:31

Re: Problems with CAD geometries
I've just noticed that I can only view the simulation if I save the screen as an image file via the command File/Save window as… I've also tried to import the STL files again but it didn't work.


Sileno August 27, 2005 10:41

Re: Problems with CAD geometries
It was only the video driver configuration. I've installed the correct driver and the problem has just disappeared.


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