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Huairong Huang August 23, 2005 23:14

how to set boundary condition
I am a student in Beijing university of technology, I am doing a subway'fire safety and ventilation project with PHOENCS. I must simulate every subway station respectively,how to set outlet and inlet boundary. snd how to set wall boundary, how to set wind velocity when a train is driving in the subway station. I want to get your help. Thank you very much.

Mark Russell August 24, 2005 04:56

Re: how to set boundary condition
Your question seems a bit 'blurred' between the practicalties of using PHOENICS and also the physics of your problem.

Practicalities - PHOENICS provides an interface to select a variety of BC's and allows you subsequently to describe appropriate conditions for the chosen BC. i.e. an inlet BC will be 2d in geometry and can be defined to have either velocity components (1,2 or 3) or have a defined flow rate.

Walls can be stationary, moving, have a fixed temp or be adiabtic etc etc.

Following a few of the tutorials should be of use to show you this.

Your choice of BC's and approach will be determined also by your understanding of the physics and also what you wish to study. For instance, if wish to review the effects of a train approaching a station then I imagine you will need to solve a 'transient' problem. Now do you wish/need to simulate some device moving air in a tunnel or can you simply use the 'effects' of the train in the tunnel for the station ventilation flow. i.e. in the latter case a velocity profile might prove adequate.

Hope this helps.


fan jinglong August 26, 2005 11:08

Re: how to set boundary condition
Here is some friends do the same project in Beijing ,Tianjin, Guangzhou .... Maybe we can discuss together .

vigneshwarn.s April 4, 2006 01:10

Re: how to set boundary condition
I am the final year student of Anna university chennai.I am doing my project in ANSYS softaware,in spur gear blank whats the procedure to set the boundary condition to analysis vibration in dynamic condition. please consider my request and clarify my doubts. THANK YOU.

hany Samy Iskander April 30, 2006 12:31

Re: how to set boundary condition *NM*

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