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Sileno November 8, 2005 21:45

EAREXE error
I've received the following message after running the earth in phoenics 3.6:

the instruction at "0x006937f6" has made reference to the memory at "0x0228fffc". Memory couldn't be written.

What I have to do to avoid this error?


mick January 6, 2006 06:42

Re: EAREXE error
Impossible to tell without having your q1 and the exact version of PHOENICS you are running.

kmtang February 13, 2006 14:10

Re: EAREXE error
I have the v3.6.1. I encountered the same problem of [The instruction at "0x00403180" referenced memory at "0x0b582504". The memory could not be "written".]

I have just started using the v3.6.1 and in the process of converting v3.4 Q1 and Ground file to v3.6.1.

I have no problem converting a small case of grid size 9x9x23 but encountered the above error for a large case of grid size 100x100x38. Please advice.

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