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PattiMichelle December 27, 2005 13:31

HELP! Shock waves not heating up...
I'm getting bizarre results from a simple model of a shock wave. I read a short application note on PHOENICS's ability to simulate a shock wave:

I thought, "OK, I can do that..." I *was* able to duplicate their results rather easily, BUT, when I added solution of the energy equation (as total temperature - so I could see the gas heat up) - the gas temperature remained constant throughout the domain! It was constant into the milliKelvin regime. This seems wrong.

The isentropic gas law was used in their model, of which the VR-Editor in PHOENICS 3.6 displays two types - neither of which I can find documentation for in POLIS. I tried switching to the Ideal Gas Law (which I assume is T=PV/nR) and still the temperature remains constant throughout the flowfield even though pressure changes *dramatically*.

Is the gas in a supersonic shock truly isothermal? What am I doing wrong??

Thanks for your help! PattiMichelle

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