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Katja January 2, 2006 08:43

Boundary Condition
Hello, I try it another time. I`m a Student from RWTH Aachen and I need to know a possibility, how one can set different heat transfer coefficients at the opposite sides of a blockage object as boundary condition? I want to compute a simple simulation for the heat transfer through a wall. Thanks Katja

Mike January 3, 2006 06:37

Re: Boundary Condition
A possibility is to create a WALL-TYPE user-defined object for each opposite surface of the object. The resulting patches will over-ride the EGWF(Earth-generated-wall-function) application on the interface boundary conditions on the two opposite surfaces. These wall-type user-defined objects will have CO=GRND2 VAL=0.0 for the wall-aligned velocities, CO=GRND2 VAL=GRND2 for ke and ep, and CO=Heat transfer coefficient VAL=SAME for TEM1. In the first instance it would be advisable to test this out on a very simple case so as to allow checking of the results.

In PHOENICS V3.6.1 I believe that you can specify a heat transfer coefficient for the blockage object as an alternative to the heat transfer coefficient computed automatically by the wall functions. If you do this, then of course, only one WALL-TYPE patch need be applied, as described above, so as to specify the other heat transfer coefficient.

Katja January 9, 2006 13:02

Re: Boundary Condition
Thank you Mike, I will try it out

Sima Baheri March 11, 2006 08:39

periodic boundary condition?
How can we apply periodic boundary condition in Phoenics, when the grid has been created in ICE-CFD?

Pabitra Halder April 19, 2006 01:05

Boundary Condition( Hypersonic Reactive flow)

I need to know about the far field as well as solid boundary condition for hypersonic reactive flow.

Thanking you,


narender December 12, 2006 17:15

how to apply periodic boundary conditions in ansys
can any one tell me how to apply periodic boundary conditions in ansys

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