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JC Lee January 8, 2006 04:14

About "CHAM's General Search Facility"
Hi! Friends coupled with PHOENICS. It's my pleasure to look around this site on your messages due to helping me use of PHOENICS.

Today's my question is simple but seriuos to me.

Whenever a question happened to me for use of PHOENICS, I first went to the web site of CHAM and used the search engine with the keyword at the site,

But I can't use the search engine with the error message happened like this, "File . The parameter is incorrect." any more.

I think that this problam is for the web but CHAM's reply is different. I wonder whether my friends also have the same problem to use that site for looking for your questions or not.

Looking forward to many seniors' replies.


Jonas Larsson January 8, 2006 05:27

Re: About "CHAM's General Search Facility"
It works well for me, both with IE and Firefox

sunny January 8, 2006 22:58

Re: About "CHAM's General Search Facility"
"File.The parameter is incorrect." I meet the same problem, and it's my first time to visit the web site. whatever keys are put in, it always show me the same error info. It make me puzzled.

Mick February 11, 2006 19:02

Re: About "CHAM's General Search Facility"
I just tried from IE and Mozilla and it worked fine. I am running XP home edition.

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