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Anis January 25, 2006 06:39

Depth varying in 2DH
I don't know how to implement in the pil file the varying depth in the 2 DH of an pen channel flow

Mick February 10, 2006 14:42

Re: Depth varying in 2DH
As a suggustion, can you not make a fat channel and block out the parts you dont want?

Anis February 13, 2006 04:54

Re: Depth varying in 2DH
not i can't make a block, it is a variation like a stairs generate a variation of the depth tahnks

Mick February 16, 2006 05:18

Re: Depth varying in 2DH
You could use lots of blocks to make stairs

Anis February 16, 2006 08:13

Re: Depth varying in 2DH
if it is a varying topography, is it fan the adequate command and how to use this?

Mick February 16, 2006 11:59

Re: Depth varying in 2DH
Perhaps I misunderstand you?

1/ You can make a solid volume STL file and import this onto a cartesian grid using the PARSOL cut-cell method to cut this object shape from the background grid.

or 2/ Use a Body fitted grid


3/ Represent the depth varying through blocking out a cartesian domain with object shapes from the library of such objects, wedges, rectangles, arcs, whatever.

Daniel February 20, 2006 22:26

Re: Depth varying in 2DH
If you are using the hydraulic analogy, you can use porosity fields, with a porosity field, you can simulate flows with different depths, at least it worked for me.

With porosity fields ive simulated bumps or obstacles for inducing an hydraulic jump.

Anis February 22, 2006 07:50

Re: Depth varying in 2DH
Please, if you have any document about analogy, can you please pass it or explain me thanks

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