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John January 27, 2006 03:43

How solver works?
How solver works?i.e. after solver starts how it calculates values of pressure and velocity?does it initially take all values zero?This is as i have observed when solver is running?

Mike January 27, 2006 13:25

Re: How solver works?
The initial values are set via the PIL variables FIINIT(PHI) where PHI is the dependent variable. The default values are 1.E-10. The solver can operate slabwise (at each iz slab in the z direction solve for each phi in turn) or whole-field (for each phi solve for aa values simultaneously over the whole field). Usually, the pressure-correction equation (continuity) and scalar variables are solved whole-field. A SIMPLE based algorithm is used, iei segregated solution of the pressure and velocities.

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