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Hamdy March 16, 2006 09:26

Miscellaneous Issues
Hello, i have some problems using FLAIR: 1- if i want to simulate a fire in room, i should enter walls at each face of domain or the domain is confined already.

2- i want to export the results of a certain to excel sheet or any other tool to display it as graphs or any other form, how to send this results

3- to simulate a fire in building, it is better to establish it object by object in FLAIR or to import it as autocad drawings

Thank you.

Mike March 17, 2006 07:52

Re: Miscellaneous Issues
1) The default condition at the solution-domain boundaries is zero flux, which means they can be interpreted as symmetry planes or frictionless adiabatic walls. Therefore, you need to use plate objects at the domain boundaries to represent walls.

3) CAD geometry can be imported into FLAIR provided that the files are in STL format. Earlier versions of FLAIR allow only STL ASCII format, but the latest release V3.6.1 allows both binary and ASCII STL files. Alternatively, the geometry can be built up using the geometrical elements available in FLAIR. This as the advantage of greater grid control because the object boundaries will provide region boundaries, which facilitates preferential gridding between region boundaries. However, you can always use one or more NULL object to define region boundaries for the purpose of effecting grid control.

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