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Luis Filipe Fabiani March 17, 2006 10:23

Phoenics and Heat exchangers

I'm trying do simulate a heat exchanger (Shell-tube, Air-Air) with phoenics. My question is how do I make two domains - one for the hot air outside the pipes and one for the cold air inside the pipes - and allow phoenics to calculate the exit temperature of the fluids?

Thank you in advance

Mike March 17, 2006 14:13

Re: Phoenics and Heat exchangers
The domain material can be for the shell side fluid. It will be necessary to create a geometry file to represent the geometry of the tube-side fluid. The geometric element can then use a different fluid to the shell-side as it's material attribute. For example, if it was a square pipe, a "blockage" object of different material could be used to represent the tube-side fluid. The two fluids must be seperated by either a plate or solid object.

If the tube density is high, as in a tube bundle, then the heat exchanger can be modelled in PHOENICS by using the classic porous-media approach pioneered by Patankar and Spalding, whereby a separate 1d-analysis is done for the tube side fluid.

Luis Filipe Fabiani March 17, 2006 14:19

Re: Phoenics and Heat exchangers
Ok, thanks Mike!

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