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Bernardo Santos Aflalo April 24, 2006 14:46

Increasing the F-array - Problem!
Hi everyone,

Im working on a 3d simulation with a meshīs size of 150x95x100. But when I try to solve, it gives an error and in the result file, I found this:

F-array too small. If your computer has sufficient memory, please increase NFDIM in d_earth\main.htm, which is currently nfdim= 33600000 by, say, 50%, and try again. How much is needed is not yet known.

I modified the main.htm file, but nothing happens! Can anyone help me? I try to modify the satellite fortran file, but I canīt compile it! The following message apears:

c:\phoenics\dpriv1>call \phoenics\d_satell\..\d_utils\d_windf\..\phoepath. bat Adding DIGITAL PHOENICS to path. The system could not find the specified path. 'df' is not an internal or external command. Press any key...

Please, any help is welcome.

Sima Baheri April 25, 2006 10:49

Re: Increasing the F-array - Problem!
Dear Santos

I had similar problem. I asked CHAM co. The following is their answer. It solved my problem:

Using windows explorer (or similar) go to


If there are a number of files called earexe.nnn where nnn varies from 128 to 1gb then you can use one of these. They have been built with various sizes of F array. If you wish to use earexe.512 (suitable for 512 mb of RAM, for example) do the following:

Click (with RH button) on earexe, select 'rename', and rename 'earexe.exe' to 'earexe.sav'.

Click (with RH button) on earexe.512, select 'copy' and make a copy of this file called 'earexe.exe'.

You can now go to your working folder and run EARTH in the normal way.


Bernardo Santos Aflalo April 25, 2006 14:07

Re: Increasing the F-array - Problem!
Thank u very much Baheri! I canīt believe it is so simple!

Best Regards,

Bernardo Santos

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