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Luis Filipe Fabiani June 1, 2006 11:23

Strange behaviour in Coffus
I'm trying to set-up a burner for coal fines with Coffus. The problem is that when I try to implement our burner geometry to the problem (for instance, a cylinder blockage with several inlets on one of the faces), I think Coffus doesn't recognize this and sets the object-side to "low" and there is no mass flow entering the system (ie the velocities are aiming towards the cylinder, no the domain). The inlets work fine if they are located at the beginning of the domain.

The blockage is located before the inlets on the Q1 file, and the zero-length inlets are located at the same Z-coordinate as the end of the cylinder. I've tried to add a "> OBJ, OBJECT-SIDE, HIGH" to the end of each inlet object, but when I reload the Q1 file into the VR-Editor, these declarations disappear.

Any suggestions??

Thank you in advance.

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