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Juan June 22, 2006 15:39

earexe.exe file
Phoenics code in my computer was running well for more than half an year. However, yesterday, when I run a case, the EARTH didn't work. The error message show that a file named mpich.dll missed. I re-installed the Phoenics, but it still didn't work. I have no idea about this... I will really appreciate if you could give me a hand to solve this problem.

Thank you

Mike June 23, 2006 09:42

Re: earexe.exe file
The file \phoenics\d_utils\d_windf\mpich.dll is probably not on the path. I suggest that you copy this file into your working folder, say into \phoenics\d_priv1, and then re-run the your case.

This particular problem can be solved once for all by copying the mpich.dll file into \windows\system32.

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