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Richard August 6, 2006 22:39

INLET object velocity
Hello ,

I am trying to model a ducted exhaust fan grille in phoenics using an "INLET" object with a negative flow rate (simlar to one of the library cases) , however, once the solver is run, I recieve an error saying "invalid , inform formula". Are there any ways around this error?

Mike August 11, 2006 07:58

Re: INLET object velocity
Are you trying to run in parallel mode? This problem was reported in parallel mode on PHOENICS V3.6.0 and also, I believe, on PHOENICS V3.6.1. It has been resolved in PHOENICS V3.6.2.

The problem can be circumvented if a "user-defined" object is used instead of the INLET object. If the density is varying in the flow domain, then it will be necessary to use GROUND coding to set the mass outflow rate for the specified volumetric extraction rate of the fan.

Madhusudan November 8, 2006 05:32

clean room analysis
Hi sir, can anyone confirm me whether phoenics has a module especially for clean room analysis or phoenics itself has the capability to solve a clean room analysis problem.

The analysis includes the airflow right from air handling unit which carries filters, blower, and thru ducting the air flow is thru the clean rooms where at the inlet we have dampers,plenums and inlet and return supplies.

I want to know whether phoenics has all the builtin options to give boundary conditions for various parts like filters, dampers,ducts,etc so that i can go for the analysis directly.

I am student doing a research work in Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore,India and doing my project work on Clean room analysis.

please help me out of this situation as i heard that phoenics can b helpful for my current analysis.

Expecting ur reply

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