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Sileno August 8, 2006 17:51

Convergence wizard?
Is there anybody who has already used "conwiz" in PHOENICS 3.6? If yes, could you tell me in wich line of q1 file should I set it?


Mike August 10, 2006 10:49

Re: Convergence wizard?
CONWIZ=T in Group 19 of the Q1 file.

You should be able to activate it from the VR Environment under "Menu">"Numerics".

Sileno August 11, 2006 18:38

Re: Convergence wizard?
Thanks Mike. Why POLIS doesn't mention that CONWIZ is activated by setting on the botton "Automatic Convergence Control" at the numerics/relaxation control window? It so much easier don't you agree?

PattiMichelle August 28, 2006 12:45

Re: Convergence wizard?
Apparently not everyone uses the VR-Editor. I've been spoiled by it... ;-)

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