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Gustavo August 10, 2006 15:38

Problems with Power-Law
I'm using Power-Law to simulate laminar flow of non-Newtonian fluids. But, if I change value of ENULB the result doesn't change. I used the code below and I also tried to solve ENUL, but it didn't work. Does anyone know the problem? Thank you in advance.


Group 7. Variables: STOREd,SOLVEd,NAMEd ONEPHS = T

* Non-default variable names NAME(149) =TEM1 ; NAME(150) =ENUL

* Solved variables list SOLVE(P1 ,V1 ,W1 ,TEM1)

* Stored variables list STORE(ENUL)

* Additional solver options SOLUTN(P1 ,Y,Y,Y,N,N,Y) SOLUTN(TEM1,Y,Y,Y,N,N,Y)

Group 9. Properties PRESS0 = 1.000000E+05 ;TEMP0 = 2.730000E+02 RHO1 = 1.000000E+03 ENUL = GRND4 ENULA = 1.282000E+00 ;ENULB = 6.531100E-01 ENULC = 0.000000E+00 CP1 = 4.184000E+03 ENUT = 0.000000E+00 DVO1DT = 6.500000E-04 PRNDTL(TEM1) = -5.980000E-01

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