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Juan August 11, 2006 14:31

cylindrical domain
I am trying to figure out how to set a cylindrical domain in Phoenics. I will simulate concentration distribution in a circular tank. I really appreciate if you would like to give me some suggestions.

mrabti August 15, 2006 05:11

Re: cylindrical domain
you can set "cartes=F"

Juan August 18, 2006 08:06

Re: cylindrical domain
Thank you so much for your reply. Phoenics has Cylindrical-polar coordinate system. However, what I need is a cylindrical system. My domain is a cylindrical tank. I will appreciate is you would like to help me to figure out this problem.

PattiMichelle August 28, 2006 12:44

Re: cylindrical domain
The answer you were given is correct. Set cartes=F - that will give you a pie-wedge part of a cylinder. Then you must set the size of the radial direction (which I believe is called the "x-coordinate" in PHOENICS) to 2*3.14159... - that is, two times pi radians - in order to obtain a complete cylinder.


Mohammed Alzuhairy July 19, 2007 14:38

Re: cylindrical domain

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