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Patti September 12, 2006 12:28

location of per-cell residuals in f-array?
I'd like to take a look at the per-cell residuals in PHOENICS 3.4 - are those stored in the f-array sweep-to-sweep? (elliptical problem using CHEMKIN solver). If they are, then I just have to add some FORTRAN coding go user GROUND routines to stick it in a file on each sweep. I couldn't find info in POLIS - can enyone help?

Thank You, Patti

Patti September 12, 2006 13:28

Re: location of per-cell residuals in f-array?
OOPS! Nevermind... I found it in POLIS - STORE(xxxR) stores the residuals as normal PHOENICS variables.

How does PHOENICS handle the case of longer-than- 3-letter-named variables? For instance, based on my experience with STORE(), storing the TEM1 residuals could be written:


...but if using both TEM1 and TEM2 (or in my case, H2O and H2O2), is there a simple procedure to overcome the ambiguity without renaming all affected variables? (phoenics 3.4)

(I'm also not sure what the character "%" signifies in the Phoenics 3.4 POLIS entry for RESIDUALS.)

Thank You In Advance For Your Help, Patti

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