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Jeff September 14, 2006 10:05

How to insert ICEM CFD file into Phoenics
Dear sirs:

I have already insert single pipeflow.stl into ICEM CFD to make a mesh, and then i seleted phoenics models to output Q1,g1,g2,g3,g4,g5 files. i put these files into this C:\PHOENICS\D_PRIV1 folder and use phoenics to run earth, but the phoenisc was shown something error code as below. How can i to solve this problem. I need your advise. Thanks



CCCCCCCC H (C) Copyright 2002

CCCCCCC See H Concentration Heat and Momentum Ltd

CCCCCCC our new H All rights reserved.

CCCCCC Web-site H Address: Bakery House, 40 High St

CCCCCCC www.cham. H Wimbledon, London, SW19 5AU

CCCCCCC H Tel: 0208-947-7651

CCCCCCCC H Fax : 0208-879-3497

CCCC HHH E-mail:

--------------------------------------------------------- This program forms part of the PHOENICS installation for:

CHAM The code expiry date is the end of : may 2014


************************************************** **********

Property-related data from gxprutil: PRPS is stored with initial value =

= 0.000000E+00 material properties used are... denst1 visclm tempr1 speht1

also, other related settings are ... usegrx = T usegrd = T altprp = T end of property-related data

Negative number of storage elements requested (in GXMAKE ? NFUSER ?).

namfun = G 1S 1 namsub = grex3 Please check Q1 and/or GROUND coding.

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