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Sileno October 11, 2006 18:04

Residuals values
I am having some troubles in reading correctly the residuals values of the simulations. I have read in some articles that the convergence of a given simulation is obtained when the normalized residuals are smaller than E-03.

Where can I read these values from my simulations?


Jeremy October 31, 2006 06:27

Re: Residuals values
For a 2D single-phase flow, near the bottom of the RESULT file you will find the following normalised residuals printout for the last sweep:

Whole-field residuals before solution with resref values determined by EARTH & resfac= 1.000E-03 variable resref (res sum)/resref

P1 3.718E-09 1.562E+00

V1 7.078E-11 1.819E+02

W1 1.880E-08 6.684E-01

H1 8.555E-03 4.698E-01

MIXF 1.317E-10 5.908E-01

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