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J.Z October 17, 2006 13:30

using Tecplot interface

I am trying to figure out how to use Tecplot interface of Phoenics. I simulated gas concentration decay with time during forced ventilation. I want to use Tecplot to plot the concentration contour for each time step. The structural grid was used. I will really appreciate if you would like to share your ideas on using this function with me.


amv November 23, 2006 00:53

I do have the same problem. I have PHOENICS 3.6.1 and it just isnt doing anything when i try to export in tecplot.

Daniel November 26, 2006 15:57

Re: using Tecplot interface
Why dont you use the tecexe?. If it doesnt work, you have to change the array size of the translator. In the file tecmain.for, you can change the size and then run the bldtec file. That will bring out a new tecexe translator and it wont crash. If you are using windows, i suggest you to run the tecexe from a dos shell, and copy the phi file you want to translate to the same folder.

Marcelo Abarca April 25, 2007 16:31

Re: using Tecplot interface
I want to use tecplot for a transient analysis, how do I read many phi files (a10,a20,....) to make an animation?

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