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A Worried Phoenics User October 30, 2006 08:08

Hi CHAM, R U Worried?
To All CHAM personnel, I am a Phoenics user, and I noticed that the number of users in this forum has reduced terribly. As for the month of October 2006, there are less than 20 postings!! If you still want to be the front runner in this field, please give your support. That's what all the users want. And we are unable to give positive comments to your product if the service is not recommendable.

Peter Spalding October 31, 2006 05:15

Re: Hi CHAM, R U Worried?

The PHOENICS User Forum is designed for users to exchange ideas and views with each other. Whilst this service is monitored and sponsored by CHAM, it is not controlled by CHAM. It is not intended as a support service, though as you will have seen, we do contribute on an intermittent basis.

Most PHOENICS Users, however, gain their technical support directly from CHAM via, or via similar services provided by CHAM's agents and representatives worldwide.

CHAM also runs regular User Conferences and Meetings in different regions - the next of which is scheduled for 30th November / 1st December here in London - which users are encouraged to attend in order to exchange experiences and interact with CHAM personnel.

We are sorry if your impression of the PHOENICS Online Forum is not positive or on the decline and I hope that postings will pick up again over the coming weeks.



deepak July 12, 2007 02:26

Re: Hi CHAM, R U Worried?
hello how r u r u there 4 me

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