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Braden Pitter November 19, 2006 19:24

Supersonic Shockwave
Hello. I'm trying to simulate a supersonic shockwave so that I can actually see a shockwave visualisation at the tip of my profile but I cant seem to be able to do it. I'm using an inlet velocity of 350m/s. I don't know why there is no shockwave appearing at the tip. Any help would be great. I am also using kemodl mode in my simulation. Cheers


Carlos November 28, 2006 19:42

Re: Supersonic Shockwave
Hi Brad,

As I told Sourabh, I have managed to achieve convergence at a backward facing step supersonic case.

You must have some cares to run a case like that (mesh, temperature scale, density model, etc)

I may send my q1 to you if you consider it useful. Just send me your e-mail address.



Braden Patel November 30, 2006 17:50

Re: Supersonic Shockwave
Yeah that would be great. my e-mail address is Cheers

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