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Andreas Neufeld December 9, 2006 20:18

Very high pressure and velocity results
Please Help me. I am trying to simulate the flow around the ahmed body (blockage with variable angle in the back) using the ke-model. My inlet speed is 40 m/s and if I use the default values for the grid everything turns out to be fine, but once i change the grid density or increase the number of itterrations Iīm recieving pressure of 1.0E10 Pa and velocities of 30000 m/s. I have no idea why it keeps doing that. You can even see in the solver screen how the pressure jumps from normal values to those rediculous numbers and how the other spot values suddently start to rise and rise. PLEASE HELP ME

Mike December 12, 2006 10:48

Re: Very high pressure and velocity results
As discussed in my email, this problem seems to have been due to a combination of a problem with the CAD file and the use of zero initial velocities as a guess for the velocity in the main flow direction.

Andreas Neufeld December 12, 2006 14:09

Re: Very high pressure and velocity results
what suprises me is that the error occurs randomly, even if i donīt change anything just move the position of the probe by a few mm sometimes it works suddenly.

Mike December 13, 2006 07:11

Re: Very high pressure and velocity results
This was not my experience after modifying the CAD geometry file. You will have to send it back in explaining exactly what one has to do to reproduce the problem.

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