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Manjinder Singh January 16, 2007 20:16

run time error
Hi all While running a case i am getting a run time error can any one help me out how to get rid of this.

Thanks in advance

Manjinder Singh

J.Z January 17, 2007 12:46

Re: run time error
You might need to check your setting carefully. For example, your Q1 file. If you are using a computer connected with a local sever, Phoenics might be interrupted by some adjustment of sever. If this happenes, you can re-set your computer time to the date before the appearance of this error message. Hope it helps.

niclo April 3, 2007 14:54

Re: run time error
If u use ground.for, it may cause a run-time error when there is a illegal function such as divided by zero...,It is difficult to tell the exact resolution but I suggest u to check your self-defined function first.

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