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J.Z January 24, 2007 14:56

pollutant source
Hello all,

In my simulation case, the liquid pollutant source is located at the bottom of the domain and three different gases (with different emission rates and densities) are emitted from the surface. The domain is filled with air. Do you have some ideas on setting up multiple sources of these gases. How to consider their densities in simulations. Thank you a lot!


Mike February 2, 2007 06:36

Re: pollutant source
If there are three different gases plus air, then the general approach is to solve three chemical-species mass-fraction conservation equations, one for each gas component released from the pollutant source. Overall species continuity can be used to determine the mass fraction of the air. The mixture density can be computed from the ideal gas law with a mixture gas constant computed from the mass-weighted sum of the four individual gas constants.

JZ April 3, 2007 18:33

Re: pollutant source
Mike,thank you for answer my question. I put down this problem for a while. Now, I need to re-consider it. I am not very clear about the chemical-species equations mentioned by you. How to set them and where they are in Phoenics? Thank you.

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