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Dave February 9, 2007 13:48

Does anybody use Commander with V3.6.1 or V2006?
I have some older models with relatively complicated GROUND coding that I am trying to execute. I have previously run these simulations via the COMMANDER in PHOENICS V3.5.1. I recently upgraded to PHOENICS V2006, and note that the Commander has changed significantly from V3.5.1. I can no longer access the Commander from the initial VR-Editor screen, and can't really figure out how to run the new Commander. In the old version (3.5.1), it was a simple matter to change the Satellite settings to TALK=F, and to set EARTH to PRIVATE, however I don't see how to do this with V2006. Can you help me with this?

Also, in the new COMMANDER, there are references to a 'Silent' satellite, and I can't figure out what this refers to. Any thoughts?

And finally, while changing the working directory is fairly simple, the only files to which the new COMMANDER gives access are core PHOENICS files: for example, if I have a Q1 file DAVE.Q1, I can only access it through the new COMMANDER by re-naming the file Q1 (no file extension). Does this seem normal?

Any thoughts on any or all of these questions will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,


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