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amv March 1, 2007 05:24

Use of INFORM for properties

I have worked with inform in phoenics . the inform for sources works well. but the inform for properties is not working. I tried to put PWLF, PWL3 etc functions but these wont work.

e.g. It I set rho = 1000 in properties panel and if I set rho = 2000 in inform, then it does calculations with rho = 1000 but in the display it shows rho = 2000 (i.e. if i plot contours of density, it shows rho=2000 everywhere.) (Typical inform statements are like

(property rho1 is 2000) (proper rho1 is pwlf(/phoenics/d_priv1/rhodata, TEM1)) ) etc.

Whether any other modification is needed in using inform for properties.

Can some one help me please.

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