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migao March 21, 2007 23:21

finite volume scheme
the FV schemes in the PHOENICS can be modified by the user? or the user's scheme can be realized in PHOENICS? Thanks

Daniel March 26, 2007 21:17

Re: finite volume scheme
Yes, you can choose the discretization schemes. If you are using vr editor, go to menu, numerics differencing scheme. In the polis there is information about the available schemes in PHOENICS

migao March 26, 2007 21:52

Re: finite volume scheme
Thanks,but I mean that whether I can add a new scheme into PHOENICS,or modified its coefficient into a new one

migao May 16, 2007 08:16

Re: finite volume scheme
who can tell me? thanks a lot

mike malin July 19, 2007 10:03

Re: finite volume scheme
A new discretisation scheme could be added in the file \phoenics\d_earth\d_opt\d_numalg\GXHOCS.FOR. The implementation of the existing higher-order discretisation schemes are documented here:

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