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Danko Davidovic April 3, 2007 23:47

LSOLID activation problem
I would like to use LSOLID command in the GXKNVST function to check if the cell is occupied by blockage, but it seems I need to modify the COMMON statements in order to enable this command active. Or should I modify the GROUND file as well? So far I somehow get F output (LSOLID is logical command) for all cells in the domain. By the way, where I can find more detailed description of the variables usually listed in the COMMON statements at the beginning of most subroutines in PHEONICS. It seems that Encyclopedia does not help much with that. I would appreciate any prompt help. This problem has been dragging me for couple of days and I need to solve it urgently.

danko davidovic valjevo April 4, 2007 15:59

Re: LSOLID activation problem

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