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Peter April 18, 2007 08:31

Extracting results in FLAIR
I'm using the Pheonics FLAIR model to model the wind velocity at pedestrian level within street canyon. I've imported all the buildings using .stl file with true grid coordinates. After completing the model run, I would like to get the wind velocities at more than 50 points. I've the true coordinates of the 50 points. Currently I'm moving the probe by enter the true coordinates of the 50 points one by one in the screen to get the wind velocity value at the probe location. This works but it takes a lot of time and there may be humna error in entering the coordinates. Does anyone know if we can write a simple programme to get this done? I saw some programming code that can work with grid coordinates but not true coodinates.

Thanks in advance for those who can give some thought on this.

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