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Maya Flea May 22, 2007 05:38

Resulting wind force on boundary

I'm considering to buy Phoenics to simulate wind actions on buildings. I saw examples with wind pressure distributions on boundary of structures, but I saw nowhere a calculation of resulting force.

Could anyone tell me if Phoenics is capable of calculating wind force on the boundary of a structure? Or will I have to calculate it manually from pressure distribution and boundary area, which is not a very comfortable way.

Thank you all in advance,

Maya Flea

Mike May 23, 2007 05:46

Re: Resulting wind force on boundary
On request PHOENICS will output the nett force on each blockage object, and the total force on a selected group of objects. The forces are resolved into the x, y and z Cartesian coordinate directions.

Maya Flea May 29, 2007 06:14

Re: Resulting wind force on boundary
Thank you Mike, that's exactly what I need.

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