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james August 24, 2007 07:22

Dear Mike, ...
Dear Mike, i have a question regarding the implementation of the laminar transport coefficient for solving Enhalpy in Phoenics.

Setting 1: Q1: PRNDTL(H1)=GRND GRND: VAL=DMU/(k/cp), where DMU=dynamic molecular viscosity, and ENUL=DMU/RHO1, in effect to achieve k/cp.

Setting 2: Q1: PRNDTL(H1)=-GRND GRND: VAL=k/cp

I have tried both implementations with different results but couldn't explain the differences. Please advice.

Mike August 30, 2007 05:59

Re: Dear Mike, ...
If PRNDTL(H1)=GRND, then the laminar Prandtl number should be set directly in GROUND, ie RHO1*CP*ENUL/K.

If PRNDTL(H1)= - GRND, then my undestanding is that the laminar diffusivity should be set in GROUND, ie K/(RHO1*CP).

If these two methods don't produce identical results for the same case, let me know and I will investigate in more detail.

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